Case Studies

We have contributed to the success of many companies by finding innovative and effective ways to solve their problems.

We think that our previous successes owe a lot to our meticulous approach.

Although every client has different needs and their businesses operate in different industries, we still approach every new project in the same way.

We talk to the customer, we listen, and we ask questions, because over the years we’ve found that there’s no substitute for making sure that we thoroughly understand the business, the workflow, and the problem. We assume nothing!

You can only fix or build on what you fully understand, and where competitors are sometimes happy to offer ‘one size fits all’ solutions, we prefer to provide software solutions that fit your unique circumstances perfectly.

RescoCRM on tablet

Direct Parcel Distribution SK

Update the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system to increase efficiency, monitoring, customer retention and sales.

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VGSK Online app on iPhone

Vaillant VGSK Online

We developed mobile apps for iOS and Android to help streamline processes using barcode scanning and internal backend integration.

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SlovakLines app on iPhone

Slovak Lines

We developed native mobile apps for a Slovakian bus company called Slovak Lines. So now, passengers bound for Schwechat Airport can travel between Bratislava and Vienna much more easily.

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On this page we have included some brief walk-throughs of typical projects where we’ve done just that. These are some of the solutions that we are most proud of, and perhaps yours could join them in the near future too? If you’re struggling with legacy systems or you’re in need of a new tool to improve your business, then please get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your needs and suggest cost-effective ways to meet them.