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An innovative CRM for the DPD SK courier company

Company type
Parcel delivery service
Bratislava, Slovakia 🇸🇰
Design new CRM for sales team to level up their workflow.
Iteratively develop new CRM which follows sales process.
New CRM fully integrated. Sales reps benefit from greater efficiency.
Utilized technologies
  • Resco CRM
  • .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ReactJS
  • SAP B1 integration

The project - update the company's customer relationship management (CRM) system to increase efficiency, monitoring, customer retention and sales.

DPD offers national and international parcel delivery services for online stores, telecom operators, insurance companies, banks and small businesses around the world, and its iconic red box logo can be seen speeding by on vehicles everywhere.

The Slovakian arm of the company approached us because—like any logistics operation—its business relies heavily on the effectiveness of its CRM system, and theirs was not up to the job.

We chose a high-quality system called RescoCRM—produced by a Slovakian company called Resco—as the basis on which to build the new primary sales CRM. We customized RescoCRM so that it fitted seamlessly with DPD’s existing sales, customer acquisition and retention processes, and we also integrated it with their international billing and parcel delivery systems.

Project Evolution

DPD had previously relied on a CRM system that was put together by their in-house team. Unfortunately, this did not fit their needs. It lacked process automation, didn't integrate with other systems and needed to be replaced.

The new system would need to do a much better job of organizing daily tasks for sales representatives and providing on-demand insights into customer data, and a mobile version would also be needed.

DPD wanted new interfaces, one that would allow their contact center support team to help customers with billing and delivery problems, and another that would let sales managers check their team members' performance.

Sales managers also needed an interface that would let them collaborate on quotations with their customers to ensure they would always get the best price.

DPD also needed a common process for creating, reviewing and approving quotations, along with a way of eliminating any repetitive work, data duplication and manual entry, and the new systems would need to connect to existing ones.

Customer core requirements

As part of a global delivery company, DPD Slovakia needed to give its staff an easy-to-use interface for quick access to data, including a mobile solution. It needed efficient sales workflows and wanted seamless integration with existing systems. The client also asked for data access to be restricted to certain roles and wanted custom reporting features.


We needed to integrate the system with DPD's internal billing and parcel delivery systems, so we customized a 3rd-party CRM, migrated and validated data from the old CRM and then conducted user testing, knowing that this would give us the feedback we needed to perfect it. We added a role-based access model and used multiple technologies to achieve full integration. We also added custom reporting features to give the company better access to its customers' data.

Product development

We analyzed the current processes and proposed a minimal product to start with, then built new components and features incrementally. We prioritized features and planned future releases accordingly.

Utilized technologies

  • RescoCRM
  • .NET Framework
  • ReactJS
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Product Description

  • connect with existing systems
  • eliminate data duplication
  • eliminate manual data entry
  • eliminate repetitive work
  • facilitate customer support
  • let sales managers collaborate with customers on quotations
  • manage customer data on-demand and on-the-go (mobile)
  • manage sales team performance
  • organize sales team daily tasks
  • unify sales quotation processes
Ahmed Al Hafoudh

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