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Our whitelabel apps ready for your project:
Cloud storage statistics for admins and DevOps

Our own little baby - a beautiful tool that helps DevOps and system admins track their cloud storage usage. Using simple visual tools, BucketScout can compare storage changes over time.

Event system with a payment gateway

A web application that is used for signing up children for swimming courses, searching for and taking substitute lessons or matching and recording received payments. We developed the app with the client Klub Kvapka and it is already used by various other swimming clubs.

Sale of digital travel tickets

A fully customizable mobile and web version of the application for digitizing the purchase of a travel ticket, which we also developed for transport companies such as Slovak Lines.

Playback of multimedia content

An application that allows your customers to consume your own multimedia content, which you can provide for free or as part of a paid subscription. This is how we created a child artist FÍHA Tralala her own of "YouTube".

Simple attendance system

A clear attendance system that we created as an internal project. It can be used for a single group or for several independent teams. In the application, you can easily plan your time at the workplace so that your colleagues always know when they can find you at your office.

Ľubomír Kukuča

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