We create great digital experiences for our customers and yours

Mobile. Web. Integration.

Two iPhones displaying screens of apps we develoed. The iPhone on the left is shows the screen of Slovak Lines mobile application, and the iPhone on the right shows the screen of wilio mobile application.

Our Value Proposition

We are a high-performance team producing tailored technical solutions, software and application services to automate dozens of routine tasks.


When you can’t find the right software to meet your needs, freevision can build it for you. We use sophisticated technologies to create web and mobile apps that meet yours and your customers’ expectations, driving sales and growth.


Mobile apps need to achieve a lot in a very small space, so we use our ingenuity and experience to create powerful, portable solutions that deliver.


Your dashboard or API needs to be intuitive and effective. We build it to be both, whatever device your users will be viewing it on.


Expecting legacy systems to talk to modern ones can often lead to ‘misunderstandings’. We can make them all get along with each other, so your workflows and data don’t ever trip you up.

Product Vision

Target / Goals / Features / Value

Product Milestones

Define / Design / Prototype / Evaluate

Product Iteration

Build / Measure / Learn

Fast Feedback

Test / Assess / Respond

Product Release

Deploy / Monitor / Improve

We’d Love to Bring Your Idea to Life

We’re great at taking our clients’ ideas from ‘lightbulb moment’ to finished product, because we’ve done it before (lots of times!)

All that practice means that we’re great at assessing what’s feasible and what’s not, so you won’t waste time and money on things that won’t work.

Close collaboration is the key to our best work and your satisfaction, so what are you waiting for?