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Developing an MVP app for the YourLOX startup

Company type
Bratislava, Slovakia 🇸🇰
Develop a prototype of a responsive web application and hardware for opening locks at a distance.
Creation of a prototype using the components available in the shortest timeframe possible, while retaining high quality and making sure that the prototype can be further built upon.
The prototype of the app won various startup accelerators and competitions. Subsequently, the stage of actually launching the product into operation started.
Utilized technologies
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ReactJS
  • Raspberry PI

We helped the slovak YourLOX startup develop a prototype of the functional MCP presentation app in the initial stages of the project.

It was designed for finding lockers containing sports equipment, called LOX, in the vicinity.

The goals of the client

Startup YourLOX was created with the aim of enabling people to rent equipment for sports and leisure activities directly on the spot. This way, those who wish to do sports outside the sports arena, gym, or their home, no longer have to bring heavy weights, a ball, or other equipment. Thus the Startup helps municipalities create sports infrastructure, contributes to the sharing economy, and supports a minimalist lifestyle without unnecessary waste.

However, in order for the startup to provide its services, it required a simple and concise web application, through which the users would be able to borrow the equipment from the lockers. Besides that, the client needed a hardware design proposal together with smart locks installed in the lockers.

The route to the solution

The key demand of YourLOX was the development of a web application prototype, which would allow users to find LOX containing sports/other equipment in their vicinity and rent it. The product would not only make sport easier for individuals, but it would also help increase the number of visitors and promote the use of public sports areas.

The cooperation ran smoothly and without any issues. The client had a clear vision of what they wanted and how to achieve it.

We started off the development of the application with a UI/UX workshop. We communicated the client’s vision of the app’s mechanics. We then moved on to brainstorming, suggestions, and, finally, finalisation of the wireframes.

The development method was agile. We delivered increments to the client in two-week sprints and regularly updated the activity outputs, to which they gave us feedback. The current release was always available for the client in the so-called “staging” environment.

Key demands of the client

The client had two main demands, which were:

  • simple application interface,

  • functional hardware prototype.


While working on the web application for YourLOX, we had to face numerous challenges:

  • unavailability of hardware components due to the chip crisis,

  • a limited budget,

  • unification of different visions of the app,

  • lack of time due to fixed deadlines.

Product development

The final application included a map where various sports areas with LOX were marked. These could be practically filtered based on a number of criteria. After choosing a LOX, information about the equipment and objects it contained and its availability appeared in the app.

After choosing an object and confirming the reservation, the app would check the location and distance from the LOX. If the person was close enough to it, the door of the LOX would open automatically thanks to an electronic lock placed in the locker.

The lock was controlled by a computer located in the LOX. In one LOX there were around six units with doors that could be opened separately. The system was able to find out whether a given unit was opened or closed.

When the user was finished with their activity, they requested to return the object, which caused the corresponding unit to reopen. After the user returned the object, the system asked them to close the locker. Upon detecting the closed door of the unit, the system asked the user to take a picture through the app as proof of having returned the object to its original place.

The app charged a fee for the object only during the actual rental period. We also set it up to enable various prices and discounts to promote marketing and sales.

LOX 1.0 - Prototype located in Bratislava next to the Veľký Draždiak lake


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Client's review

Patrik Dolinský
Founder & CEO, YourLOX

The service and approach of freevision enabled our flying start, as well as the high-quality basis for development of our smart-lockers = LOXs. To me personally spoke their honest communication and willingness to help. Since the beginning I noticed that freevision had the same level of dedication to the idea as the people on my team. Our take-over of the whole project was very smooth, since everything was well-prepared and communicated sufficiently. Additional questions and consultations – via Slack, email, or phone calls, were the cherry on top of our cooperation.

Ahmed Al Hafoudh

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