Reasons for uninstalling an application

How to win users and how to make them stay? What are the reasons for uninstalling application and what to avoid while developing it? You will find out in this article.

Reasons for uninstalling an application

In the previous article the advantages of a tailored mobile application for your business were described. How to win users and how to make them stay? It may be surprising but 90 % of new mobile application users decide to uninstall it within 30 days from downloading it. If you invest money into development of your own mobile application you certainly expect to earn it back multiplied. What are the reasons for uninstalling application and what to avoid while developing it?

Complicated registration

From the very beginning you need to keep in mind that users love simplicity. If the registration process in your application is too complicated and long, there is a higher chance that the user will uninstall it immediately. What mistakes do developers of not so popular mobile applications do?

  • no possibility of registration using an existing social network account
  • application requires too much information
  • missing location services (GPS)
Reading an article on your phone in 2018


Does the application do what it promissed?

It is logical that if users want to work with an application, they won't use one that is not suitable for them or one that doesn't even work. In case that your application can't provide the service for which users downloaded it in the first place, it is useless and will be uninstalled. Make sure that all promised functionality of your application are up and running.

Too much push-notifications

Push-notifications notify users about some important event at times when they are not using the application actively. They should be used in the most effective way possible with caution, because too many of these notifications within short amount of time can annoy the users to the point in which they decide to uninstall your application.

Unpleasant user interface

Don't forget about aspects of user interface. It is common to make a few mistakes there too:

  • too much unnecessary text
  • overfilled design
  • use of low quality pictures
  • not intuitive user interface
  • long content loading time because of large amount of functionality
Don’t forget about aspects of user interface.


Nowadays, privacy is much more important than in the past and it is necessary to keep that on mind when developing your mobile application. It is inappropriate to ask users's personal information that are not related to your application. A good thing to do is limiting the required personal information to minimum and following GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Bugs and regular updates

A highly important part of a successful mobile application is its control - for example if it freezes or crashes. Besides this maintenance which every application requires it is also good to keep in mind regular updates of application. Follow feedback from your users and try to better the application according to it. In addition, users whose complaints or tips are being solved or integrated don't have a reason to uninstall your application.

In freevision we are aware of these mistakes and we do our best when developing mobile applications. We also make sure that the application development is adjusted according to your needs and that the following testing will uncover all flaws in both Android and iOS.