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Coronavirus and digital transformation

Even if your company has already suffered due to the Coronavirus, it's not too late to get on board. How? You can find out in our article.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented suffering, and not just for those people who have been infected, either, because some of the physical, emotional, and financial shockwaves we're seeing from the relentless spread of the virus have also highlighted the big gaps that exist between those who were prepared and those who weren't.

Lack of preparation for it can be seen at every level, from countries that had scaled back their approach to tackling large-scale health emergencies, to leaders who had not grasped the realities soon enough, to tragically under-equipped healthcare systems, to grocery supply chains not set up to cope with panic buying. The list goes on and on, and near the end of it are the ordinary people trying to run their businesses, some of them more prepared than others.

Now, to be clear, anybody can be wise with hindsight and we are not pointing fingers at anyone here. Everyone is coping the best that they can right now, and we hope this dreadful situation ends soon. But while it drags on it demonstrates some important lessons that seem too important to ignore, and one of them is age-old: that if you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail.

We think that's probably the most important one to address in this unfolding crisis because although it will eventually end, something like it is sure to happen again. Our ever-growing and ever more mobile populations are going to spread the next virus just as effectively as they did this one, but next time we can be better prepared. And one thing that businesses can do to help themselves can also help them right now is something that we specialize in: digital transformation. We may not be able to help get you out of the current crisis but we can certainly help you be more prepared for the next one.

Even if your company has already suffered due to the Coronavirus, it's not too late to get on board with digital transformation, but you'll need to move fast.

This is all about increasing automation and adaptation (things we can certainly help you do better) because these are the keys to effectiveness, growth, and resilience for any business. They deliver cost and efficiency improvements, streamline systems and improve processes, and we're not the only ones who think this.

A 2018 survey of 128 executives involved in product development revealed what they saw as the most important benefits of digital transformation.

Here are the top three:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Faster time to market
  • Meeting changing customer expectations

There were more benefits on the list of course as you'll see if you follow the link, but these were the things they valued most about digital transformation, and it seems like no coincidence that they're all factors that contribute to a more efficient business that's better equipped to respond to change.

By now you may be thinking that all this talk of change sounds expensive, but don't worry, because it needn't be. How do we know? Because we've taken enough companies through the digital transformation process by now to be sure of this. The kind of digital tools that will improve your processes already exist, so there's no need to spend additional time and money on reinventing them.

We've also found that some problems can be solved by the kind of simple integrations that freevision does for businesses every day.

For instance, we helped a large American food distributor update to a much-improved ordering system (with no downtime during the transition). It now saves the customer time and money and eliminates human error as it guides them through complex ordering workflows.

Digital transformation has helped them to be a better business through better data management. Data drives the best decisions, and the solution we created is only one example of how improved data handling helps companies to supply their customers faster.

Even when the world isn't being turned upside down by health emergencies, this approach is a winner. Companies need streamlined systems that achieve their aims with the least resistance. They need slick workflows that help them to respond quickly when they need to scale their operations, and these are exactly the kinds of process improvements that we routinely create for our clients.

It's easy to let us help your company get started with digital transformation. We can look at the current state of your business and help to identify the pain points. We'll then propose the most effective solution.

You can get on the road to being better prepared for the next crisis by providing us with your contact information below. Do that and we'll soon be able to tell you how we can transform your business.

Author: Ľubomír Kukuča

Ahmed Al Hafoudh

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