Whatever problem you need to solve with software, we have the expertise and the experience to help you. We strive to understand every detail of your requirements so we can build the ideal solution.

Web application development

Backend API / data management / external integrations

Our web apps are as modern as our methods. We ask, we listen, then we brainstorm, wireframe, code and test until it meets or exceeds your business requirements. We use iterative methods and a rapid prototyping approach that gives you more control of the project. You can easily select, reject and change the behaviour of the features you see in prototypes, so compared to the traditional fix-priced approach this gives you the product you want faster and saves you money too.

We build using
Ruby on Rails

The rapid application development framework.

Fast Development

Ruby on Rails allows us to develop more features in less time. We use many open-source libraries and tools to speed up the development process so we dont need to reinvent the wheel.

Convenient architecture

Allows us to separate the project into distinct layers so the resulting product is extensible and maintainable in future.

Automated testing

By following Test Driven and Behavioral Driven Development, we minimize the errors when we ship your product.

Huge community

The Ruby on Rails community is open, friendly, and focused on web development.

The community actively maintains the framework and libraries and ensures the code is up to date and secure.

No license fees

Ruby on Rails is distributed under the MIT license, which means you can use the frame- work for free.

Many big startups and companies rely on Ruby on Rails and achieve great success.

We build using ReactJS

The most flexible frontend framework.


ReactJS allows developers to split the frontend into distinct components which can then be developed and maintained separately without breaking the whole frontend logic.


ReactJS code is easier to maintain and is flexible due to its modular structure. This flexibility, in turn, saves a huge amount of time and cost for businesses.


ReactJS was designed with high performance in mind. The core of the framework offers a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which makes complex apps run extremely fast.


Among its other benefits, TypeScript offers a type checking mechanism which eliminates bugs sooner. This results in  code that’s more extensible and maintainable in future.

No license fees

ReactJS is also distributed under the MIT license, which means you can use the framework for free.

ReactJS is used and maintained by Facebook itself.

Mobile application development

iOS / Android

We take a "mobile first" approach because customers now expect iOS and Android apps more than desktop. Again, we use rapid prototyping to take your idea from sketch to MVP to publishing faster, and we don't rely on vendor lock-in technologies to build great user experiences because we don't believe in them. Flexibility beats dependency, so we use open source whenever we can.

We build using Flutter

The right balance between platform portability and features.

Fast development

Flutter is engineered for high development velocity. State of the art tooling around Flutter allows us to make changes to a running application and see them immediately. Flutter also ships with a rich set of customizable UI components, all built from a modem reactive framework.

Expressive UI

Flutter has moved components, rendering, animation and gestures into this framework to give us complete control over every pixel on the screen. It means we have the flexibility to use pre-built components but also build custom design features  for a unique experience.

Native integration

Flutter apps follow platform conventions and interface guidelines such as scrolling, navigation, icons, fonts and so on. That is why apps built with Flutter features are immediately available on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

No license fees

Flutter is distributed under the BSD license, which means you can use the framework for free.
Flutter is used and maintained by Google itself.

Technical Consulting

Talk to us and we'll help you make good choices and avoid costly mistakes for your startup or established business. We know from experience that any project can have a lot of moving parts and many possible outcomes, so we offer technical consulting that helps you make sense of it all and points you in the right direction.

We can help you make informed technical decisions about things like building a new product or integrating systems, or you can just ask us for an honest opinion about your great new idea.

Right from the start we'll be able to tell you what's feasible and what isn't, so you won't need to waste a second on something that won't work, and you won't need to wait a second for something that will.

So, in a nutshell, we can:

So, why not give us a call? We're ready to help.


Your dashboard or API needs to be intuitive and effective. We build it to be both, no matter what device your users will be viewing it on.

Ruby on Rails


Your customers expect to work with intuitive and interactive interface. We can achieve that using latest and stable technologies.



Mobile apps need to achieve a lot in a very small space, so we use our ingenuity and experience to create powerful, portable solutions that deliver.


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