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Real estate
Bratislava, Slovakia 🇸🇰
We needed to bring order to a sales process and listings information that were spread across a dozen interlinked Excel spreadsheets.
We analysed the sales process and created a specialised CRM to help sales agents do their jobs more efficiently.
The new CRM system streamlined a cluttered sales process, and put important client information at the fingertips of sales agents and managers, so now they can focus 100% on serving their clients.

The Project

IURIS Group is a Slovakian real estate services company that has been in business for more than 25 years. Through its subsidiary companies (IURIS Spol. s.r.o. and IURIS INVEST s.r.o.) IURUS Group delivers a wide range of services, including mediation in property purchases, real estate sales, and leasing in the residential and commercial sectors. It also offers administrative and logistical services, providing technical analysis, case studies, real estate assessment, and financial and legal consultancy services.

We were asked to create a specialized customer relationship management system (CRM) for the company that would help its sales agents do their jobs more efficiently. The solution we delivered does just that, giving these agents a suite of tools that free them up to spend more of their time focusing on clients.

Project Evolution

One of IURIS Group’s main activities is selling flats in large, newly built residential developments, and although business was good, tracking inventory and sales was a challenge. Sales and listings information was spread across a dozen interlinked excel spreadsheets, so it was hard for agents to find the right information quickly. Clients would inquire about properties and the system would let the agents down by causing mistakes, which is not good for a company’s sales or its reputation. Agents can’t afford to quote incorrect prices or find errors in contracts, and that’s why we were asked to analyze their sales process and come up with a better system that would eliminate these problems.

Customer Core Requirements

The company needed a system that could keep track of clients and record their preferences,   giving agents easy access to shared client data so they could understand their needs and add their own notes.

It would also need to deliver up-to-date contract information, calculate instalment payments, pair these payments with CRM records and report the status of contracts and the progress of sales in the workflow.

All of this would be available via a powerful UI that agents would find easy to learn in onboarding and easy to use. IURIS also asked that it be able to deliver management reports showing progress for each sale and reports for lenders. In short, they wanted a simple system that could deliver accurate data with no down time.


Our first challenge was to dive into IURIS Group’s current sales process and make sure that we fully understood it. This gave us a starting point which allowed us to design a more efficient sales process with a strong focus on client care. Next, we analysed the way that data was structured in the current system’s interlinked Excel spreadsheets and from there we modelled a new flexible data structure that would be robust enough to serve the company for many years to come.

Product Development

To get an idea of how the minimum viable product would look, we designed a project roadmap that we split into sections composed of multiple sprints and for each one, we sat down with the client and planned the next stage. Every one of them was an opportunity to re-evaluate the roadmap, and this helped us to respond to the client’s needs as we went along. This approach gave us the flexibility to iterate before the project was finished.

Utilized technologies

  • Java Spring
  • ReactJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker (hosted internally)
  • Gitlab CI/CD used for continuous automated testing

Product Description

A CRM system to deliver:

  • the updated sales process
  • client information
  • property information
  • sales information
  • contract information
  • reports for management
  • reports for lenders

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