Tailored mobile application and successful business

Successful companies and businesses from around the world are trying to keep up with the current trend in information technologies. They are relying more on internet marketing and their own mobile applications than physical distribution of flyers, adverts in newspaper or billboard advertisement.

Why mobile applications?  These days most of people have their mobile phones on them all the time. Various applications were added to the functionalities of a phone besides making phone calls. If you want to get closer to your customers, having a tailored mobile application is one of the best ways to do it.

I will try to describe the most interesting advantages of having your own mobile application in a few points.

Provide additional value to your customers

You are surely trying to increase the interaction with your customers and want to provide them with additional value that they can't get anywhere else.

One of the ways to achieve this is creating your own loyalty program within your application. For instance the more your customers buy exclusively through your application, the more loyalty points they get. Those can be used for other purchases as discounts. If you include payment methods within the app, the whole transaction process gets much quicker. You and your customers have an instant overview of all data at hand.

Build a stronger brand

Just like calendars, pens or other promotional items with company's logo serve advertising your company, a mobile application provides rise of general awareness of your brand too and it also increases communication with the target group. Mobile applications strengthen trust of your customers towards your company thanks to regular interaction. 

Easier customer service

Customer service is not just about face-to-face communication between seller and customer anymore. By using a mobile application, you always present yourself to customers with the same face. Because an application can't go through occasional mood swings or poor work performance.

It doesn't matter what time they decide they need to get some information about your product, they can simply download your application into their smartphone. If they later decide to buy that product, they don't have to wait for opening hours or turn on the computer. Your customers can buy it immediately at ease via your application outside of opening hours and even during holidays ...

Increase your income

Customer satisfaction rate is related to sales of course, and it is known that the more customers and satisfied buyers you have, the bigger the demand.

Sure, having a web application which is responsive to any kind of device is good. But if you add a mobile application to your web app, you will boost your sales and increase your customers' satisfaction. According to statistics of OuterBox portal around one third of transactions made during holiday shopping time were realized using smartphone.

Shopping with iPhone (CC BY 2.0) by Jason Howie

Other pluses

If the above arguments haven't convinced you, there are a few more reasons to go for a mobile application.

  • Inform your customers about new offers
  • Target young generation
  • Synchronize application with social network accounts and email
  • Be one step ahead of competition

Location information is another plus that can be used by your application. You get the location data of your customers and get better information about where and when your customers buy your products or what parts of the world are more interested in your business.

Have you decided?

Does your business have a mobile application? If you chose to benefit from the above mentioned advantages, our skilled IT team in freevision would love to create a mobile application for Android or iOS for you, tailored to your needs in addition to web application, that was mentioned in the previous article.