Our team-buildings of 2017

The main job of freevision employees is related to development of tailored software solutions and application development. Every successful project requires a well rested mind among other things, and so we enjoy some fun and relax in a form of various team-buildings a few times per year. As colleagues we like to share some out of office activities and get to know each other even better in different environment. Strengthening the team spirit is the main target of team-buildings.

Adrenaline or relax?

To choose a common activity and a date for it can be a very tough challenge. Should it be something intellectual, physical or just relaxing? We usually use online tool Doodle or a simple poll in Slack to coordinate and plan everything that is necessary.

We like to try various activities during which we can learn something about ourselves. In the summer of 2017 we went for adrenaline canoeing down one of the branches of river Danube - Little Danube. It was an all day activity and it tested our physical and mental state as some of the colleagues proved to be exceptionally competitive :) We ordered great weather and enjoyed the atmosphere of surrounding nature and riparian forest to the fullest.

We also decided to have fun at TeamUp - a space created specifically for providing adrenaline team-buildings. We had lots of fun in 20 rooms in which we had to solve logical, team-work related or physically challenging tasks in teams. In the video you can see our final task:

What do we do in case there is no time or energy to organize a big team-building? Besides some common activities like bowling, laser wars or escape rooms we also like to visit cinema to watch Marvel movies, play board games or go climb a climbing wall from time to time.

At the end of the year, we approached team-building with Christmas spirit and organized secrete Santa. The only condition was to make the present as crazy as possible, but still personalized for the receiver. The effort required to learn more about our colleagues was worth it and I'm sure everyone will gladly participate during the following Christmas time.

We entered the new year fresh and ready for new challenges and your software idea, web or mobile application may be one of them.